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4 Facebook business page tips

Before pulling the trigger on your Facebook advertising campaign, make sure that you have a Facebook business page. Too many times, I see Facebook ads linked to someone’s profile and when I investigate their account I found that they don’t have a business page. Your profile should be an extension of your page. Imagine your page as a central hub for your business your customers and prospective customers can post questions and learn more about your business. Even if they don’t click your ad they may decide to follow you. When someone follows your page any posts you make on your page will show up in their feed. Keep in mind ads cost money and it’s free to post on your page which is why increasing the number of followers is critical. We will dive into how to grow followers a little later.

Here’s a shocking fact: Not all Facebook business pages are created equal. You can take the same business, make 2 separate pages and one goes viral while the other has 0 followers. If you are wondering how this can happen keep reading. There are 4 tips or guidelines to follow to ensure your business page is enhancing your brand as well as developing a cult-like following. Please allow me to present 4 Facebook business page tips:

1. Branding

The concept of branding has been around for hundreds of years. You need to have a rock-solid brand. If you are starting out you may feel you can work on your brand later. This is a mistake. Your brand is a summation of people’s first impression. Before you introduce yourself to the market make sure you are crystal clear on what your brand actually is. If you are stuck at this point a simple exercise you can do is simply ask yourself “When people think about my company, how do I want them to think about me?” This should give you a solid frame work around which you can start building your brand.

Once you have your brand in mind consistency is critical. All of your social media accounts need to have the same color schemes, logos and names. If you have different colors and images on different places it will be much harder for people to recognize it is the same company. If one of your twitter followers sees you promoting your Facebook page and when they arrive on the page they see a different name and color scheme they may wonder if they are on the right page. Instead of your page making a positive first impression, their first impression is feelings of confusion. Having consistency across everything will assure your followers they are on your page. This will increase your brand’s visibility.

One last thing on branding. A logo is not your entire brand. A logo is part of the overall brand. Your color scheme, logo, images, and tag lines are all part of your brand. In fact some of the smartest marketers have also added a hashtag as part of their brand. A prime example of this is someone I really enjoy following on Twitter. Madalyn Sklar (@MadalynSklar) has made #Twittersmarter as part of her brand.

Her hashtag is so prevalent that is it used on twitter every 10-20 minutes at least. To accomplish something like that is very impressive. Madalyn Rocks! If you aren’t following here and I would strongly recommend it.

2. Call To Action

People need to be told or directed on what you want them to do. If you want them to visit the sales page of your newest product you are launching, then using a CTA (call to action) will greatly increase the chance your followers will go there. Facebook is always working hard to make things better and they have made it possible to have a call to action button on your business page!

An important note: if you are starting out you the tendency is to focus on driving traffic on your sales page to make sales, however this is a mistake if you don’t have an email subscriber list. I recommend driving traffic you subscribing to your list.

Here’s why:

If someone is on your email list, then you can always email them which will drive traffic to your sales page. If someone who isn’t on your email list clicks on the link to your sales page and doesn’t buy your product you lose the ability to email them in the future.

3. Description

The description section of your business page is what clearly lays out what your business is about. This is your chance to help them understand your vision. Make sure you take time and carefully craft your description. Having a compelling description can mean the difference between someone following your page and moving on to another page.

I can’t stress consistency and clarity enough. You need to be crystal clear on your vision with your brand and be consistent in everything you do. While the description needs to be compelling it also needs to be an extension of your brand. In other words, showing them where your brand is going.

4. Content

The final piece is one of the most important pieces. What type of content will you be sharing when you post on your page. A common mistake that is made is every post is promoting product after product. Yes this is a business page and people know this, however if you want people to really pay attention to your posts you need to be interesting to them and add value. I cover adding value in an earlier post (link with title). What do people find interesting? That really depends on your audience. Whatever you are posting be sure to check the analytics for engagement. I would recommend doing this on a weekly basis. Simply start posting more along the lines of what is having better engagement and posting less of what is having little to no engagement.

Also consider doing FB lives from your page. You will find people really do love FB lives and once you get over your fear of being on video you will have fun.

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  1. Vince Ma

    Great post Dan. Facebook marketing is on my to do list to get my head around it. I’ve tried on my previous business but didn’t have much sucess.
    I love your tip and this time round I feel more confident.

    • Dan Shea

      thank you Vince. I’m sure second time around will be the charm!

  2. Maurice Jackson

    I have a Facebook business page but I fear I am not using to its most optimum level. I post blogs consistently and that is basically it besides sharing my post with niches that are like mine. My color scheme is consistent but I know there is more to be done. I am going to put your suggestion in action and hope for better results.

  3. MichaelMM

    Hello Dan, thank you for your article, I definitely agree you need to provide good content on your fb page, it´s not just 100% sales but people also love some free value. And it´s important to tell people what to do with your content (CTA). There is a lot of good and useful information here. Keep it coming..

    • Dan Shea

      Glad you found this information meaningful. My next post will be in a couple days.


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