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  • If it’s not broke don’t fix it. Email marketing still works

    Some awesome discussions came out of my previous post Turn you got mail into you got cash. I was going to switch gears into a series on Facebook Ads, however I made an interesting observation in these discussions that told me that the why was not answered sufficiently. A lot of people asked “Does email…

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  • Turn you got mail into you got cash

    Lately I’ve seen an increase of traffic generation products that promoting ways to get traffic without having a list. While this may seem seductive to people struggling to build a list, it is missing the bigger picture. Focusing on directing traffic to a sales page is short-sighted. While it may generate a couple of sales,…

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  • Chase your passion, not paper

    Lately these three questions have come up frequently. How do I find a niche? How much money can I make? How to find a niche for making lots of money? If you are looking to make money online, these are the wrong questions to be focused on.  Yes, this post will cover how to find…

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  • Top 7 Product Launch Ideas to ensure a successful launch

    You are reading this for one of two reasons. You’ve finally taken the plunge and developed your own product, or you are thinking about developing your own product. Launching your own product is one of the best ways to establish authority in your niche as it establishes credibility. A lot of people are excited as…

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  • Plan to fail or fail to plan with your marketing plan

    I don’t think anyone plans to fail, however a lot of people fail to plan. Online business isn’t magic but a lot of people think something magic will happen when they go live with their site. Having a business online is no different from having a traditional business. You need to treat it like a…

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  • Landing Page Checklist Essentials

    A lot of people are reaching out for help through social media. I enjoy helping everyone that reaches out and helping them push through their struggles to success. A majority of them are struggling with traffic to their sales page. While traffic is important, trying to get traffic without having the proper foundation is like…

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    Affiliate Marketing

    Internet Money Formula

    At ConnectWise (my previous job), I had the honor and privilege of working with someone that taught me something I did not fully appreciate until now. He is a prolific technologist. He codes in at least 13 different programming languages. What is interesting is that he interacts with you like a human being. Most people…

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  • Internet Marketers – Remember we are human!

    I know it’s been a couple days since my last post. As I mentioned earlier Barry and I are heads down in getting our cryptocurrency course launched. It will be coming soon, however, I experienced something interesting in the last couple of days that is a big problem on the internet with internet marketers. The…

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  • How do i add value?

    A lot of people in social media have asked me this recently “How do I add value?” There are lot of answers to this question, and a lot of “gurus” state focus on adding value but the fail to teach people the process of creating content that adds value. I’m not sure if they fail…

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  • CryptoCurrency Product Launch

    Barry and I have set a launch date of 1/5, however there is a lot to do in the next 4 days. When launching a product there is a 7-step blueprint 1. Digital Product Creation To launch a product correctly. You need to develop 3 specific products that complement each other. The lead magnet, the…

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