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  • Lessons learned in building my email subscriber list

    So you are close to being caught up to present day in our journey in internet marketing. We have our pages setup and ready for people to download, but nothing was happening. No one knew it existed outside a couple of our closest friends.  How do we build our subscriber list? Time to start getting…

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  • The Journey

    There is no such thing as being an overnight success.  On the surface it may appear that people instantly become successful, however it is a result of a lot of time and energy invested in perfecting their craft.  Starting out it in search of how to make money online is frustrating.  Don’t give up.  Sometimes…

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  • Going back to 0 day (last 60 days)

    Where to begin?  Obvious question. Barry and I left our successful corporate jobs to become Internet Marketers! Really??? While that would add some sensational hype, that is not the case.  We actually chose to leave in favor of something potentially great.  Let’s go back another four months.  (1.21 gigawatts!) June 1 2017 We were introduced…

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