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CryptoCurrency Product Launch

Barry and I have set a launch date of 1/5, however there is a lot to do in the next 4 days.

When launching a product there is a 7-step blueprint

1. Digital Product Creation

To launch a product correctly. You need to develop 3 specific products that complement each other. The lead magnet, the main product, and the upsell. We have all 3 created.

Our Lead Magnet


This is a high level 24 page guide that provides a solid foundation. It covers what is cryptocurrency, types of cryptocurrency, why you should invest in cryptocurrency, and some other topics.

Out Main Product

This is truly a comprehensive guide that is over 11,000 words, The table of contents alone is 1.5 pages! It expands on what was covered in the Introductions guide and also dives into investment strategies.

The Upsell

Making these took more work than the other two, but well worth it. It is tutorial videos and mp3 tracks of the tutorials so those that are visual learners can absorb the material easier. If you click on the picture it will take you to the offer page so you can get a better idea.


2. Teasing the product

In this step we don’t announce the actual product, we let our followers know that we have something big coming up soon.

We did this last week on periscope. We were talking about cryptocurrency and toward the end we announced we have something coming out that will accelerate their learning in the world of cryptocurrency. You can check it out the recording of our periscope here.

It doesn’t have to be fancy. As you can see with ours it was simply Barry in a hoodie talking energetically. When you are teasing your product use the AIDA formula.





3. Launch Materials Creation

For this stage a modern press release is strongly recommended. You may be wondering what is a modern press release?

The same principles apply (an announcement telling about your new product and why people should care) but the modern element is in the placing of the announcement.

In the digital products world, the fastest way to move your products is through affiliates so you prepare a sales page to increase their interest in the product to make them want to sell it. You would also need to prepare an affiliate sales kit which consists of email swipes, graphics, social media swipes, forum signatures, email signatures, and social media images. This enables the affiliate to modify what’s there versus having to create their own sales messages from scratch.

4. The Announcement

This is commonly referred to as the “pre-launch” stage. The goal is to maximize the impact from a source that has a large audience. You want to consider giving them exclusive access as this will benefit them . If you are cautious about limiting your announcement to one source, don’t be as their coverage will be shared by their audience. When Garyvee shares something, how may retweets does he get?

294 retweets in only 3 hours after tweeting. The people that retweeted will have some of their followers retweet it as well. Well you get the idea.

5. Recruit Affiliates

There are numerous ways to find affiliates. JVZoo, Clickbank, and WarroirForum are solid places to start. We leverage JVZoo ourselves. As we are just getting started we are offering the affiliates 95% commission. Instead of looking at it as giving away 95% of the profits, the way we see it is we’re investing 95% to quickly build up a buyers list. The alternative is to spend a lot of money to gain subscribers in hopes that they become customers. Paying out 95% is a win-win for both us and the affiliates.

In addition to this we will also provide affiliates bonuses to use as extra incentive for their audience.

6. The Big Hype

This is the time to push hard. Social Media, Website, Facebook Ads, etc. We are also considering of starting a Facebook group for the launch but are still deciding. The most critical aspect of this stage is timing. The Pre-Launch needs to last long enough to get people talking but not too long as people may start to lose interest. Typical length currently is a few weeks up to a month.

7. The Go Live!

So the day finally arrives. A lot of people think this is as simple as saying “hey it’s live” and watching the orders roll in but the work isn’t quite done. Keep an eye on the orders, analyze the metrics, and tweaking where necessary to maximize profit.

A good strategy to use for this point is to offer launch pricing and then after a certain amount of time the price goes up to a higher amount and it stays there. For example: Launch pricing is $7 and then 14 days later it goes to $17 and stays that way. This will also create a sense of urgency.

Once things quiet down, its time to reflect and look at the results. This will help you decide on what you are going to launch next. Once you decide what to launch next then you go back to step 1. 🙂

As you can see Barry and I have a lot of work over the next 4 days and we will be heads down. I hope you enjoyed this and learned a couple of things.

If you want to make money online but are struggling with what to sell or what niche remember focus on what you are passionate about and start there. In the beginning learning is much more important than making money as what you learn will help you make more money. I know making money is important.

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