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Define Influencer Marketing and how to use it successfully

A lot of people reached out to me in response to my 5 Instagram Secrets post  wanting to know more about influencer marketing. A lot of people understand the concept of what an influencer is as everyone on twitter knows what the blue circle with a check mark means, however the idea that there is an entire marketing engine behind this concept blows them away.


To start out I will define influencer marketing to give you a base line. Although influencer marketing is relatively new, but concept is as old as advertising. I’m not exactly sure why webster’s doesn’t have it in their book, but tapininfluence.com defines it as “the type of marketing that focuses on using key leaders to drive your brand’s message to a larger market.” In other words, think of celebrity endorsements. Instead of spending money to market directly to the masses, you pay someone who is an influencer to market for you.

A lot of business owners shockingly would rather pay the yellow pages still instead of a national or even local influencer. Currently, influencer marketing is mainly social media “celebrities”, while they may not fit the traditional definition of the word, they have the ability to impact or influencer a lot of people known as their followers.

A local example here in Tampa would be Mike Kuwala CEO of Social Quant. Currently he has 113,000 followers on twitter alone. On the positive side if Mike tweets out they he found a cool new place to eat that restaurant will notice a spike in business. On the flip side, if Mike had a horrible experience and tweets that out, then that restaurant will experience a dip in business. Side note if you have never heard of Mike, I forgive you, but you should really check out his 14 day twitter marketing that sell challenge by clicking on the picture below

Sorry for the plug, but I make it a point to support local businesses here in Tampa. Plus, Mike has personally helped me a lot in teaching me how to leverage twitter.

Here are 4 tips on how to use influencer marketing successfully

1. Quality not Quantity

For those of you that love the mantra size doesn’t matter, then this will probably be your favorite tip. In your quest to find an influencer do not be seduced by how many followers they have; rather focus on how much engagement they have with their followers. There is a direct correlation between engagement and influencer. For example: If I have 1,000,000 followers where none of them pay attention too or care what I have to say or recommend, and you have 100 followers where nearly all of them pay attention too what you have to say or recommend, you have much more influence. When you are deciding on which influencer to use remember this:

Trust will make your cash register ring

Having a smaller audience with a higher degree of trust will have a higher return on your investment than a large audience with a lower degree of trust!

2. Trust but verify

You can’t measure what you can’t see. Make sure when you prepare your campaign you have the ability to gather analytics. If you aren’t highly technical you could use something like dedicated Bit.ly link to measure traffic. Why should you measure traffic? Let’s think about this for a minute. You are going to be spending a considerable amount of your hard-earned cash. If you aren’t able to see if they mentioned you in their social media platforms, let alone if anyone responded, how are you going to be able determine if it’s worth it to continue? This is like any other investment in your business. You need to pay close attention to the metrics, so you can logically determine if they are generating revenue or simply hiding in your P&L.

3.Timeframe to Results

A successful influencer marketing campaign does not happen overnight. Granted, they could do a blitz over a couple of days blasting out your website link in a short period, however taking a more tenuous approach over the course of a couple months or entire year will yield far better results. Think of it like planting seeds. It takes time to prepare the soil and plant the seeds. After a period then it becomes time for the harvest. Remember a profitable campaign make time more time than you initially think

4.Cross-Platform Consistency

Before entering into a business partnership with an influencer, make sure that they are consistent across all their social media platforms. Their followers will more than likely be following them on multiple platforms. Think about this for a second. If they mention that your company is the best cleaning company on Twitter and then say the same exact thing about another company on Instagram, how do you think their followers will react? What will end up happening is their followers will recognize this as a paid promotion and not trust either recommend. The end result being neither company generates any revenue.

Tool to find influencers

Now that you are equipped with some key tips, lets dive into a free tool that will help you find an influencer. Right Relevance will find you influencers for any given topic you select. For example if were in the personal growth and development niche and wanted to find an influencer just follow these steps:

  1. Go to rightrelevance.com
  2. Type in leadership in the search
  3. Select Influencers
  4. Select Person

Now you have a list of potential influencers to choose from.

John C Maxwell is in the top 3 and as he is the #1 leadership authority in the world according to Inc Magazine this confirms that you are on the right track.

Another awesome aspect of right relevance is that it will also suggest related topics to help you expand your search.

So what are you waiting for? Go find an influencer!

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  1. William B

    Interesting article. I never consider using influencing marketing before, but it sounds intriguing. I didn’t realize there are websites to help you find relevant marketers for your field either. Very cool. Thanks for the info.

    • Dan Shea

      Glad this helped!

  2. thomas G

    WOW! it makes you feel like you are putting your future literally in someone’s hands! But the way people are counting followers and likes I guess it is the wave of the future, with links as you said to the past!

  3. Mike Kawula

    I appreciate the mention and yes, Twitter and really any platform, used correctly can be so powerful for both online and offline businesses. You gave great tips here. My best advice to all marketers and make sure you’re never depending on just 1 platform for business. Diversify your traffic sources and follow a system.

    Y’all rock!

    • Dan Shea

      Entirely my pleasure Mike!

  4. Damien Dam


    Great article. These are really great tips that I didn’t know. Thanks for sharing it. Will look forward to read more on your blog.


    P.S. When trying to post, it says at least 8 characters for the Name. unfortunately my has just 6 lol.

    • Dan Shea

      Glad you found value!

  5. Ronnie Jordan

    I never even heard of this method of marketing. It makes plenty of sense though. You can spend a lot of money on Facebook ads and so forth so why not put a little of that ad money somewhere else? Besides if this person can send people to you it is worth it.

    • Dan Shea

      Absolutely Ronnie!

  6. Craig Stal

    This is a pretty intriguing topic when you get down into the weeds. You’re absolutely right that a few dedicated listeners is far more helpful than hundreds or thousands of people who have way too much noise they can’t hear anything through it.

    Do you have any idea on how RightRelevance defines an influencer? I’d be curious what combination of metrics they are using to determine the highest influencers and whether or not they are particularly relevant to me.

    • Dan Shea

      Hey Craig,
      From the research i’ve done right relevance uses number of followers with engagement weighted in. Hope this helps.


  7. Mohamed Idries

    Hey Dan,

    Influencer marketing has been around for a looooong time..

    Some people are just great at influencing others. I know this one guy who has a mailing list and they buy anything he promotes! Guess its charm.

    Thanks for the post!

    • Dan Shea

      entirely my pleasure!

  8. Vince Ma

    Everytime I visit your site I learn something new Dan.
    This concept of influencer marketing is something I really want to get involved in as it seem super powerful use in the right context.
    Oh and 10 points for introducing me to rightrelevance.com…Maan that’s an awesome tool.

    • Dan Shea

      Awesome! Another awesome way to use rightrelevance is filtering for timely and meaningful content on your niche to share on social media. Just make sure you are using Sniply to generate traffic from other people’s content.


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