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How do i add value?

A lot of people in social media have asked me this recently “How do I add value?”

There are lot of answers to this question, and a lot of “gurus” state focus on adding value but the fail to teach people the process of creating content that adds value. I’m not sure if they fail to do this because they themselves don’t know how beyond adding targeted value enough to sell their products or they outsource all their content creation.

Whatever the case here’s a guide you can do to create content that adds value.

In every niche there are problems that exist. The real solution to those problems add value. Let’s pick a niche that most people on here can relate too.

Internet Marketing/Make Money Online

Step 1. Identify a problem

Everyone here is reading this because they want to learn how to make money online. If you are already making money online travel back in your mind to the very beginning day 0 so to speak. If you are brand new or struggling to make money online there is no mind travel required.

Some problems that exist at this point:

1. Lack of understanding of online business models

2. How to find a product to sell

3. How to create a product

4. How to build a following (build a list, get known etc)

Your can pick one that you have found a way to overcome/success worth solving for, or a more challenging option is to pick the problem you are currently facing and find a way to solve it and record your journey.

Let’s go with something that is a bit more challenging out of the 4 which would building an engaged following.

Step 2 Find a solution to the problem

Now that we have the problem to solve but we don’t have a clue on how to solve for it. Now it’s time to research and take notes. After hours of reading blogs, free downloads, combing through articles and maybe taking some courses on Udemy or buying some other products we discover that social media is a solid way to do this.

The problem is social media is very broad and learning each social media platform is different Let’s pick either twitter or Facebook as most people have one of these. I think FB has close to 2B users and twitter is up to 330M. At this point I know less about twitter and since I’m a glutton for punishment I opt to dive into twitter.

During this process I discover the formula on the foundation for building a presence on twitter. How do I do this? A good start is looking at paid tools for twitter and group them into categories for what do they do. So let’s look at a couple categories

1. Agora PulseTailwind, Buffer, Social Oomph– automating posts, scheduling of posts.

2. Jarvee, Sproutsocial- tools to grow you twitter audiences

3. ritetag, hashtagify – tools to pick the right hashtags

If people are paying for these types of tools it says that they are providing value to some degree (especially if people like Kim Garst recommend certain ones)

Kim Garst for those of you who don’t know is considered an authority in social media marketing.

So based on these categories I piece together that it’s important to use hashtags, grow targeted followers, and tweet (post) a lot.

Now I have the start of the solution. 3 elements to growing my twitter following. A lot of people stop here and write some content that is either reviews of the tools or about those 3 elements all based on theory. Please don’t be like these people. The internet does not need anymore of these types. Or stay here if you want to have short term success.

Now onto the true value creation step

Step 3 Trial and error

So now you focus on how to do this successfully without use of the tools. Let’s look at how to grow your targeted follower list. Basically what SocialQuant and Sproutsocial do is follow people based of keywords you tell them and if they don’t follow you back they unfollow them. Now twitter has restrictions on mass following based on the number of followers you have so Let’s assume you have less than 1k followers which is a safe assumption.

Time to do some thinking. Who are my ideal followers already following. So I go to right relevance and search for influences in internet marketing.

Ann Handley has over 400k followers. Now I go to her profile and start following people that are following her. I give it 24 hours and unfollow the people that aren’t following me back.

In this process I notice a couple of trends. People with no bio, no picture and under 100 followers don’t typically follow me back so moving forward I only start following people with that match these criteria.

Over the next couple of days I learn that people that meet these criteria that are posting 2+ tweets in a day are following me back a lot more than those that aren’t active tweeters so I add these criteria in.

Pretty soon people start following me and are starting to like and retweet the content I’m tweeting out (because it’s internet marketing related). So I take the like tweets and the retweeted tweets are start making more tweets similar to this.

Before long other people are following me because of those retweets and I’m picking up 5-10 new followers at a time.

Now you have found something that is working and can be duplicated. Time for the next step

Step 4. Check list of your trial and error.

I find this step easier to do while you are doing the above step, as it helps me jog my memory of details that I may forget. It is not critical as you want to provide the steps.

So now I write down the steps I took and why I took them. Outline of bullet points work best.

Step 5. Decide which format you want to deliver the content of the solution you found.

Your options here are plentiful. Video, Ebook, Checklist, etc.

Video: Facebook live, Periscope, YouTube

Ebook: The outline serves as your table of contents and you write out words to have the bullet points make sense

Checklist: basically the outline but each bullet point written out to where it makes sense to the reader.

Step 6. Creation

Self explanatory.

Step 7. What do you want to do with it

Now you can decide what you want to do with it. Your can put it out for free on your blog, share on social media or put out a teaser version as the lead magnet to promote the paid version.

After completing this exercise you will have something of extreme value. Your discovered a problem, brainstormed for a solution, and found a solution that works from trial and error. Other people will have a similar problem and be looking for a solution. Yes that can do the same work, but most people shockingly aren’t willing to actively find a solution so they will find value in your information. After repeating this exercise a couple of times and posting the content so you become their authority. They will actively reach out to you asking about solutions to other problems. Suddenly instead of having to search for problems people are having they are handing ideas for your value content.

Adding value is simple, but it requires drive.

Do you have the drive to add value to your niche?

People are waiting for you to add value. They are searching every day. Help them out and build yourself an empire of engaged followers. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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  1. Brendon

    Great article on building value. Being new to blogging I have been struggling to find a following.
    The idea of adding value was recently brought to my attention, so thanks for the tips.
    You mentioned some paid services to help build a Twitter following, can you tell me my best options for a small budget?
    Thanks for a great read!

    • Dan Shea

      Hi Brendon,

      Glad you found value.   There are a lot of different options out there, however one of the best one’s i fond is this one: Social Quant 

      Take their 14 day challenge first before deciding to use them.  You will learn alot over the 14 days and guarantee you will find value in their service.  Mike the owner is awesome and his team is very responsive.  

  2. Melissa J

    Thanks so much for this informative article. Finding a following was a problem at one point for me but to be honest what was probably worse than that for me was what to do with your following. I took my following for granted and didn’t understand the importance of follow up and communication. So I have friends on facebook and twitter but I don’t really have a relationship with them. I thank you for this article because I haven’t really asked myself this question enough but if I am going to have a business I need to understand how to bring value to my business.

    • Dan Shea

      Glad this provided some value! How can i add value is an important question, but always make sure you ask this with everything you are doing.

  3. Jojo

    I think a very important part of adding value to what you right is simply to be able to put yourself in somebody elses shoes and see their problem the way they see it. In order to do this it is important that you can relate to the problem and therefore if you promote something you should promote products and/or solutions to problems you can relate to though not necessarily a problem you are facing yourself right now.
    For example, I have a website on how to train your dog. One of the pages is about how to stop unwanted chewing. Imagine someone who leaves their dog at home and then they come home and the house is a mess, sofa is chewed up and various belongings broken. Now it is easy to relate to how the dog owner would feel coming home to this mess. Adding value in this case would be to really give hands on tips and advice on how to stop this behavior.

    • Dan Shea


  4. Ed

    How Do I Add Value is a very informative article and quite timely.
    My website is just starting to get traffic and I want to get into social media to gain followers. Twitter is not my first choice although I do have a Twitter account.
    I have Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest pages and followers. Do you think that the same value-adding strategy will work on them?
    Thanks for the great insight.

    • Dan Shea

      Hi Ed,

      The value adding strategy will work on any social media platform, however it just needs to be applied differently.

  5. Burton19

    I do like the full automation method with Jarvee. However, I am receiving some issues within the proxy side. I often get the PV noticed from ID to unblock my account. Some do act better – some do get it instantly. Would getting residential addresses help out? As those seem to ope with the PV issues much better – https://medium.com/@raimondofanucci/top-5-residential-proxy-providers-2018-dc69d9503155
    Would love your take on those.

    • Dan Shea

      Jarvee is solid. If you are running under 5 accounts then a proxy is not needed. I’ve successful run 5 accounts on twitter without a proxy without issue. If you are running under 5 accounts and are getting blocked I would throttle back your activity settings on Jarvee and slow ease into increasing the activity.

      If you are running more than 5 accounts (like i do 🙂 ) Then i would recommend checking out these guys : http://bit.ly/2QDtVwW It is low cost and i personally use them and have never had an issue.

      I buy the IG proxy (for instagram) and the cool thing is i can use the proxy for both instagram and twitter.

      The only problem account i have ever had was with Instagram when i was doing a babes account. Some of the pictures we’re rather scandalous.

      Hope this helps

  6. David

    Hi Dan

    Thanks for your informative article – appreciated.

    Online businesses are both great opportunities for those who know what to do…and real threats for vulnerable people to be taken advantage of by scammers.

    I think there are two important things when considering joining an online program – what are the fundamentals underpinning the model, and how realistic are the expectations?

    I wonder if you have any comments on these two facets?



    • Dan Shea

      Yes David.   As long as they have real people succeeding and achieving the claims then it’s worth a try!

  7. Jim

    Hi Dan . Thank you for your interesting article on social media. I must admit that twitter is the one media type that I haven’t been able to understand very well. Hence I haven’t really built it up. But, having a website that I blog on regularly and wanting people to go that website, means that I need to start developing my twitter followers. Because of your blog and the fact that you were able to overcome your issues with twitter, I have decided to start paying some attention to it. I just have two questions. You mention unfollowing those that don’t follow you. Why is this necessary? and it was mentioned recently that places such as facebook and twitter would bring in some new rules around people that had heaps of followers but weren’t following as many themselves. Have you heard about this? Thanks Jim

    • Dan Shea

      It’s not technically necessary to unfollow, however it will throw off your ratio.  If someone doesn’t follow you back then unfollow them and follow someone else that will.   

  8. John

    Thanks Dan for your great post.  I really like the way you turn the perspective, so many people are looking to make money online, but instead they should be looking at how can I add value.You have shown the steps you have taken and the process you have used to add value, specifically in your own Twitter growth.A few questions, so it seems you started Twitter from scratch back in January 2018, how has the strategy worked for you so far in terms of growing your following and bringing traffic to your blog?Thank you coach Dan

    • Dan Shea

      Thank you John.  It’s worked quite well for traffic to my blog directly and building subscribers which brings traffic to my blog as well.

  9. Barry

    Wow. Thank you so much for sharing this information on how to add value. Value is what will make us outstanding amongst our competition. I will be launching my website very soon and will need social media following. I like the top you have given using Tweeter as an example. I think I implemented same stuff when I started running a YouTube channel and it really worked.


    • Dan Shea

      Thank you Barry!

  10. Brenda

    Very informative. I think that good content is a great way to add value, this will ultimately lead to ranking of the website, which will ultimately lead to more traffic. Social media seem to also be a good way to add value. I will be making use of my Twitter and Facebook accounts.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Dan Shea

      Thank you Brenda!

  11. Romulo

    Dear Dan Shea,

    First, congratulation on your website!

    You share valuable information about making money online. Who ever visit your website is going to learn a lot from you.

    Another great thing about your website is offering free material. People love free stuff (I download myself to check it out) it is great quality.

    The product that you are selling is really low price for the knowledge. Positive point for you.

    I saw that you reply all your comments at same day (all today). Your audience must love you!

    Your contend is fantastic! But I have a few down sides here at your website that it is easy fix:

    In your first page, you have doubled your menu options. Then you have two different names of pages with the same content (same link) “Make Money online” and Making Money online”.

    You are missing the “about me” page. You have a link “about me” but this link is linked to the comments page.

    I bet if you do another review, your website will be sharp!

    It was my pleasure to show my point of view.


    • Dan Shea

      Thank you!

  12. Vwegba

    Hi. I’m glad to come across this very useful information at this point in time. What will make people read my Contents and stick around me for a very long time and even Purchase anything I will recommend to them is if my Contents add value to their lives. Valuable content is key to being successful in the online world. 🙂

  13. Sophia

    It is very hard to toggle between different social media platforms, each with their own rules and regulations, and keep a large following in all. I have a twitter with about a thousand followers, a facebook group page with 130 likes, a Pinterest with 5k followers and google plus a little over 100 “followers”. I think the one I pay most attention and give most of my time to is Pinterest because it brings me the most traffic.

    I learned that I need to follow people and wait a few days before unfollowing those who have not returned the follow. I also learned that adding value is knowing what you are talking about and conveying it in a way that people will be able to relate their problems and find solutions in the content. Less salesy, more helpful.

    But can you please tell me what are some good free apps that will let me know who has followed me and who has unfollowed me and who has not followed me back on Twitter / Pinterest ? That would be so helpful!

    • Dan Shea

      Hi Sophia.  Glad you found value.  there are a lot of free apps, however you may want to look into some paid ones as i’ve found that it saved me a lot of time and well worth the cost.  I can recommend some paid ones if you would like?


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