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How to build a sales funnel in 5 steps

I’m sure you hear the term sales funnel on a regular basis. The concept is simple – people enter the funnel and when they exit the funnel they become customers. While this is easy to understand, it may be intimidating if you have never built one before. The good news is that this is not rocket science and you can learn how to do this at a rapid pace. Please allow me to present How to build a sales funnel in 5 steps:


Before you dive into the steps you will need to pick up a couple things. Some of the things are critical and others will be critical to your mental sanity. Personally, I prefer to use tools that increase my efficiency and allow me to re purpose the time saved for higher level tasks.

Tool 1 Autoresponder (Critical)

You will need an autoresponder, so your emails will be delivered on automatically. In the sales funnel process people will be providing their name and email which will trigger a series of emails that will be sent out to them. Once your Autoresponder is setup this will be on auto-pilot for you.

Here are some options:





Tool 2 Page Builder (Critical for mental sanity)

In your online business you will be making a lot of web pages. Unless you have a background in web design or HTML coding a page builder will be a life saver. A page builder allows you to drag and drop and handles all the technical stuff.

While there are a lot of options for page builders there are 2 worth considering. Both tools have advantages and it really depends on what is better for you.

Option 1 Leadpages

If you aren’t hosting your own domain and want something plug and play then this would be solid option. It comes with a lot of template options for the different types of pages you will need (opt-in, sales pages, upsell pages, etc) You can also do A/B testing as well as create Facebook Ads which are nice features.

The cost ranges from $25-$200/month depending on your needs.

Leadpages does come with a 14-day free trial and would recommend trying it out.

You can check it out here

Option 2 Igloo


If you have your own domain and are looking to keep your cost profile down this option may be more your speed. I personally chose Igloo as it is a one-time fee and found it very easy to make a page from scratch.

They do have templates to choose from as well. One added benefit is they have a template for membership sites which will come in handy down the road. Setting up a membership site is more of an advanced topic but having a built-in option ready to go when the time will come in handy.

The cost ranges from $87-$127. They don’t have a free trial but it does come with a 30-day money back guarantee so it’s no risk to try it out. Come to think of it I think they do offer a $1 7-day trial.

You can check it out here

Now that the setup is covered please allow me to present how to build a sales funnel in 5 steps


Step 1 Squeeze page creation

The first step is to create a high converting squeeze page. I call it a squeeze page as it will squeeze out people’s name and email. Some people call it an opt-in page or landing page. Regardless of what you call it, you need to create one. Here are some elements that your page needs to have

  • -Free offer
  • -Opt-in form

This can range from a free report to a video to a checklist. It needs to be on a topic that they are interested in. Don’t be intimidated by this. It’s really quite simply. All you need to do is ask yourself “What is the one thing that they really need to know?” Whatever the answer is that is what you will base your free report or video off of.

This would come from your autoresponder. Aweber calls it a sign up form. There are a lot of tutorial videos on how to create a sign up form. Once the sign up form is created you copy the HTML code and paste it into the page builder.

Step 2 Welcome Email and download link

When someone provides their name and email you need to send out a welcome email that contains the download link to the free offer. When you set up your autoresponder campaign this will automatically be set up. In the welcome email you also want to let the new subscriber know what to expect in your emails as far as what they are about and you also want to let them know how often you will be emailing them.

Side note: A frequently asked question is “how often should I email my list?” You can email whatever frequency you are comfortable with. It is much more important to be consistent. If you want to email them daily or weekly, then go for it. Just be consistent. Personally Barry & I email our subscribers every 3 days.

Step 3 7 day series

This step is one of the most important steps. This is where you start to build a relationship and establish your authority. High level you need at least seven emails that will be sent over the following 7-14 days that expands on the information provided in the free offer. Think of this as an information bridge that leads them to your main product. The free report wets their appetite and the 7 email series increases their hunger for your product to the point where they can’t wait to check it out.

I wrote an entire post a while back on this specific step. You can check it out here

Step 4 The Direct promotion

After the 6th email your new subscriber will start to trust you as well as your recommendations. The 7th email is the direct promotion email that will transform their trust into a visit to your sales page. If the sales page is compelling enough they will order your main product.

Step 5 The Upsell

You don’t want to stop after they purchase your main product. If you do, you are leaving money on the table. You want to present at least one upsell and a corresponding downsell that complement the main product. The purpose of the upsell for your customer is to add more value to the main offer. The purpose of the upsell for you is to well increase your profit. The downsell is typically the same offer as the upsell but slightly modified at a lower price. This way the customer can still take advantage of it if they declined the original upsell due to price. Each additional upsell you present can have a corresponding downsell that follows a similar pattern. Please be mindful of the number of additional offers you present. This can lead to buyer’s fatigue and devalue the value of the original product in their mind.

End of Funnel

After the customer goes through the entire sales funnel, they will receive an email or emails with access instructions for the products they purchased. Equally important you will have increased your buyer’s list with another satisfied customer.


So now you have the

How to build a sales funnel in 5 steps. Ready to start building your buyers list?

If you have any thoughts our questions drop a comment below.

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  1. Israel Olatunji

    Thanks for uncovering such an informative marketing stuff, Dan! You really broke this information into details, analyzing the main steps to building a sales funnel into five. Kudos for using the right images to show directions for the sake of viewers!

    I think I would prefer using the GetResponse autoresponder tool to build my sales funnel. I have just started thinking about using this tool to build sales and I am happy you posted this article.

    Wish you much more success,
    Israel Olatunji

    • Dan Shea

      GetResponse is a solid autoresponder. should serve you well.

  2. Huzefa21

    Hey… Thankx for the tips are really useful.

  3. Vince Ma

    Great post Dan. I get weirded out by the term Sales funnel for some reason. Maybe because I don’t have one built yet.
    After reading this, I’m going to work on an email series and start funneling away.
    thanks for this great information.

    • Dan Shea

      Absolutely Vince- Funnel Away!


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