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How to do Facebook live and dominate

how to do facebook live and dominate

My post a couple days ago on 5 tips for your most successful Facebook live presentation stimulated some great discussion.  While a lot of people found value, it became clear that a follow up post is needed to cover the content aspect of how to do Facebook live.

Before I continue down this path I would like to rant for a minute if that’s ok?  Thank you for granting me permission.  One of my biggest pet peeves in internet marketing is the those that subscribe to the philosophy of providing incomplete value.  This can best be explained with an analogy.  You come across this website that suddenly highlights why you need to make a cake.  It sounds sexy and for a brief moment it appears that this will solve all your problems.  The fact that it is January and your new years resolution for losing weight is probably why the word CAKE caught your attention in the first place.  You really do want to read the top 10 reasons why you need to make cake.  The article does a solid job of outlining why you need to make cake as well as new and exciting ways to eat cake.  The annoying thing is that if you want to learn how to make the cake you can learn how for X dollars.

While this is an effective path to cash, I disagree.   I understand that people are running an online business and need to make money, however a better alternative exists in my humble opinion.  Using the cake analogy above you can cover everything full circle at a high level with enough information for the reader to take action, but you offer a paid version that goes into more detail with even more useful information.

Rant is over.  I’m sure you can relate this analogy and I don’t want you to group me in this same category.  The goal of each post here is to take a topic and break it down into useful byte sized chunks to help.  My objective is that you see enough value to join our community where you will get tips and thoughts on how to make money online every 3 days.  We do have the occasional promotional emails as Barry & I launch new products.   I’ll go more into our community and the welcome bonus we offer at the end of the post.

Now onto the good stuff!  I’m going to share some specific tips or elements that will activate your facebook live domination.  Please allow me to share 4 tips on how to do Facebook live and dominate:

Tip 1. Ensure you have a good connection

If you have ventured into the world of video creation by posting your recorded videos, you don’t need a connection.  Streaming live is a different matter entirely.  Starting out it will take time to build your audience and engagement.

One thing that will hurt your ability to grow is if your Facebook lives are always getting disconnected.  My buddy John lives in Plant City and we have some really interesting conversations.  Now I have nothing personally against Plant City, except for their lack of cell towers.  We are in the middle of a very interesting discussion and the call drops.  Sometimes it drops a couple of times.  Granted I’ve built up an immunity to it, but your views may not be as patient.

WiFi is always the best bet, but when that is not an option make sure your connection is at least 4G.

Tip 2. Greet new viewers

For some reason people seem to forget that they are doing a Facebook Live not a Facebook Passive.  People are taking time out of their busy day to pop in and hang out with you.  In the offline world when someone comes up to you what do you typically do?  You acknowledge them.  If you don’t and keep on talking, they will move on to another person.  Facebook lives are not any different.  Turn your passive viewers into an active participant.  Mark McGarry always does a stellar job with this.  It’s not surprise that his lives generate hundreds of views, a lot of likes, shares, and a compilation of comments.

Here’s an example of one he did on Facebook live tips.

I recommend connecting with Mark on Facebook so you can participate in his upcoming lives.   You can check out his profile here  just tell him Dan Shea sent you.

Tip 3 Flexible content structure

No one enjoys a 10 minute or even 5 minutes of rambling on with no rhyme or reason.  Your live needs to have a theme or a structure.  I recommend having a specific topic that you want to discuss like 2 quick tips on X or a top 10 list.  Interviews are also another great idea.  As this is live and not a recorded video you don’t want to follow a verbatim script, as you need to be flexible enough to interact with your audience.  Remember you don’t have to be perfect and mistakes can actually add an endearing element with your audience.

Tip 4 Rejoins

I’m not sure if anyone listens to talk radio anymore, however since Barry has been the radio business in a past life I have the awesome privilege of learning things from his experience.  Side question:  Is it really a privilege when I don’t have a choice?   I like making jabs at Barry periodically as this is a past time of mine.  One thing I have to be careful of is that he is 800 years old so I have to tread lightly so he keeps his blood pressure down.

The concept of rejoins is most prevalent in talk radio.  Very people tune into a show from start to finish so a rejoin is used to keep everyone up to speed.  A lot of your audience may hop on half way through, so you need to ensure that your live can be enjoyed from the halfway point through the end.  A simple way to do this is when you greet new visitors that are hopping on later in the live you can quick them a quick recap of what is going on.  This way this new visitor feels even more important as you are ensuring they are personally caught up.

Bonus Tip

As a survival bonus for making it this far, I’m going to share a free tool with you that will help your facebook lives stand out from everyone else that is broadcasting from their phones.  This piece of software will give you the ability to show your computer screen in the background in addition to showing you.  If you want to get fancy you can use a green screen and put up any background you want.

The software is called OBS.  You can get it hereIt does take some time to learn how to use it, but its well worth it.  If you are short on time and you want to easily learn how to maximize OBS you I recommend checking out Tim Verdouw’s affiliate secrets course here or by clicking on the picture below

affiliate secrets

To be transparent, that is my affiliate link to his course so if you do end up signing up for his course after checking it out there would be a small commission paid.  I was recommending this course long before I signed up as an affiliate.  I only recommend people and products that I personally believe in.

Here’s an example of one of his Facebook lives:

Plus, Tim does have an awesome FaceBook group that you will get access too when you get access to his training program.

So there you have it.  Are you ready to start dominating your Facebook Lives?

If you are finding value in my posts, consider joining our community where you will get weekly tips and thoughts on internet marketing and making money online. We do offer a compelling welcome bonus that contains 350 methods or strategies on everything from email marketing to upsells to product creation. Before deciding either way click on the picture of the welcome bonus below to see Barry and I explain why you should join us and what to expect by joining.

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  1. Vince Ma

    I know Live video is where it’s at if you want be a hit with social media. Gary Vee always ramping on how important live video is for the future of any business
    You laid down some great tips Dan. I’ve got a couple of questions:
    1. How big does you following need to be before you should start doing lives?
    2. I know this next questions may be audience dependant, but when’s the best time of the day or night to do a live?

    • Dan Shea

      1. You can start now. FB lives are a great way to grow your followers as people will share your lives.
      2. It depends on your niche but as a general rule probably between 6p-11p.


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