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How to evergreen your Facebook ads


Hopefully after reading the last couple of posts we can finally agree that email list building is core to the long-term success of your online business. If you missed them, you can check them out by click on the pictures below:

As I alluded too in my last post I’ve been diving a lot into the world of Facebook Ads and it’s been fascinating. It’s really kind of scary how granular you can get for targeting your audience. In fact I’m going to do an entire post on Facebook targeting in my FB ads series. More on that in a later post. Let’s get back on track. I apologize for almost going into a tangent.

Before diving into the premise let’s reflect on this question:

“How many times do you get the opportunity for a second impression after a bad first impression?”

I’m not sure on the exact number or percentage, but I’m sure that we agree you will an exponentially higher number of opportunities to make a second impression after a good first impression than the after a bad one. We should be in agreement on this at least.

The premise

When it comes to Facebook ads, a lot of people have the idea to use their ad to drive traffic to their sales page. While this is effective it is also falling short of the bigger picture. While you might get a couple of sales and some buyers added to your list, what about all the traffic you paid for that didn’t convert to sales? Of course, you can use pixels to retarget them with future Facebook ads, however that involves spending more money in the hopes of getting them to take action again.

Let’s think of a different approach. What if you used the Facebook ad to drive traffic to a compelling free offer in exchange for subscribing to your list? While this doesn’t generate any sales on the front it, it will allow you to contact them through email without having to rely on a paid ad to catch their attention. Pay once in exchange for continued access to eyeballs.

Keep in mind that each subscriber is typically worth $1-$5/month income. The name of the game is to convert as many targeted subscribers as possible. I mention the word targeted because if your niche is yoga you wouldn’t want a computer geek as a subscriber unless of course that computer geek has a yoga mat. You get the point.

The premise is to use Facebook Ads to build your list. Now let’s dive into how to do this.

The How

Step 1

First you need to learn is how to actually create an ad on Facebook. This may sound scary, but it is really simple. In fact Facebook provides a number of helpful resources that take you by the hand and show you the ropes. After going through their resources, you should have a pretty solid idea on how to create a proper ad. If those resources are not enough then a simple google video search will bring up plenty of tutorials for you.

Step 2

Second you need to focus on the content of the ad. Remember your objective is to generate names and emails to add to your list. In order to create effective content, you need to identify your ideal audience. Asking the following questions will get you started:

Who are they?


What do they do on Facebook?

What are they going to respond to?

The better understand you have of your target audience, the easier it will be to create effective ads that will generate response.

Your ad needs to set up the concept of a buyer persona. If you not familiar with that term that’s ok. It is basically a condense way of saying your ideal person that is likely to purchase your products or services. When people that fit your target profile look at your established persona they should see themselves as an ideal candidate for the product or service you are offering.

Step 3

Third, you need an incentive that will entice people to opt-in or subscribe. You will have to brain storm on some options depending on your offer. If you are offering a product you could give out a free report/eBook or a free course. If you are offering a service, you could consider offering an extended free trial period when they subscribe. It really boils down to what you think your customers would love to have for free and what you are willing to give for free.

Step 4

Lastly, it all comes down to a strong landing page. DO NOT overwhelm people with information. A strong landing page simply provides a basic overview of your offer with a call to action to sign up to your list. You need to catch their attention instantly with a clear message that resonates so they are willing to invent a little more time to check out your page and ultimately sign up.

For more detail on how to create a strong landing page check out my Landing Page Checklist Essentials Post

The post is geared toward a sales landing page, but the same principles can be applied to an opt-in landing page.


So, there you have how to evergreen your Facebook ads. Leveraging Ads to build your list will accelerate your organic efforts. Remember successful email marketers make an average of $1-$5 a month for each subscriber. Once you master building your list it’s simply a matter of turning your subscribers into engaged raving fans. What are your thoughts on using FB Ads to build your list? I read and reply to all comments.

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  1. David Donahue

    I have tried FB ads as well as Bing ads and while I got traffic it wasn’t from people interested in my niche. The algorythm picks what niche your ads will run even if you pick one specific. Maybe I did something wrong but I don’t think so. I think you need to be careful with paid ads as they can really ad up in cost. Just my two cents. Well written post.

    • Dan Shea

      Yes you definitely need to be careful with paid ads. I always recommend A/B testing before scaling up.

  2. KD Forsman

    Hi there, thanks for sharing, I have had some success with Facebook adverts, but there’s some great information here that I look at testing on my next campaign. Appreciate you taking the time to share. Cheers, Karen

    • Dan Shea

      Glad you found value Karen.


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