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At ConnectWise (my previous job), I had the honor and privilege of working with someone that taught me something I did not fully appreciate until now. He is a prolific technologist. He codes in at least 13 different programming languages. What is interesting is that he interacts with you like a human being. Most people I know in technology are extreme introverts, and socially awkward. His name is Frank Ramos.

When I first started at working my knowledge of IT was limited, although I did manage to hold my own in technical conversation as I simply regurgitated phrases from what I heard in my previous conversations. This continued for the first couple months on the job until I was invited to a training session on LabTech (the software I was selling). While everyone in the room was desperately trying to learn a very complex software solution, Frank’s objective was much grander in scale. His first lesson was simple and while it helped everyone understand the framework of the software this lesson has opened a gateway to tremendous success.

The Lesson
Hierarchical Structures.

Everything in life has a hierarchy and a structure. Whether it’s offline or online. The internet, your place of world, the government. While everyone in the room stopped here, I now realize that Frank was also teaching a hidden lesson which is key. Where Hierarchical structures exist so do patterns. When you can spot the patterns and learn them you will be able to make it work to for you.

Using the Lesson
If you have been reading this from the beginning you know that Barry and I have been on a journey in the world of internet marketing. At the start trying to find the best way to make money online is a daunting task. Not only are you vulnerable to people trying to capitalize on your desire but promoting products that make you money on “auto-pilot” or here’s a system that will truly set you up for success, but you also experience information over load.

A lot of people have experienced success and are making a lot of money in various ways. Some of them stumbled across their way to success, while others found something specific and replicating their results. The problem is that things change and the exact things that worked 10 or even 5 years ago don’t work today. So people teaching their formula that worked for them, while they are honestly trying to teach people and help those methods don’t work today.

Here’s the good news: One thing hasn’t changed! That is the formula or pattern. The application of the pattern does change though, which is why learning the pattern is critical. When you know the pattern you can different ways to use the formula.

The Formula

The path to monetization is simple.

1. Meaningful Content

2. Traffic to get eyeballs to see the content

3. Subscribers – those eyeballs become subscribers

4. Engaging Subscribers so they know, like, and trust you

To make more money you simply need to generate more engaged subscribers. After reading this you are thinking one of two things. The first thing you may be thinking is that things finally make sense. If this is you I sincerely apologize on behalf of everyone in internet marketing as they failed to teach you the basic building blocks. It may not be their fault though as they don’t know the high level formula themselves. The second thing you may be thinking is you are lost. This makes sense in theory but are held up on how to succeed in one or all four of the areas. No matter what you are thinking this is why I told Barry we are temporarily putting the brakes on launching our crypto currency product so we can launch something that will start making a dent in this sad statistic

95% of people in internet marketing fail to make even $1!
There is so much opportunity and the more people that become success in internet market the amount of opportunity grows exponentially. There isn’t a finite amount of money to be made online, in fact it’s infinite. In order for the industry to grow we need people like you to join us in tremendous success.

If you are curious and want to check out our Internet Money Formula product when we launch it the join our community where you will get weekly tips and thoughts on internet marketing and making money online. We do offer a compelling welcome bonus that contains 350 methods or strategies on everything from email marketing to upsells to product creation. Before deciding either way click on the picture of the welcome bonus below to see Barry and I explain why you should join us and what to expect by joining

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In the upcoming posts I will start diving into social media strategies that will accelerate your results. I’m currently testing out one method in particular that generated 60 visitors to my page in a matter of 4-5 minutes.







  1. BarryB123

    Absolutely stellar post! So true.

  2. Dee xxxxxx

    Making money online can definitely be a challenge, but knowing the basics certainly makes it a little easier. Thanks for this post 🙂

    • Dan Shea

      It can be. Once you find the formula it gets easier. Just a matter of applying the formula. Glad you found value in the post.

  3. Carol Dutschke

    Wonderful, exciting, valuable info. I can’t wait to get started. Great job Barry!

    • Dan Shea


  4. thomas G

    Thanks. Every article is a mind blower it seems. the study of marketing and tech is the new age!

  5. Babsie Wagner

    I haven’t heard of the Internet Money Formula.  I mean, I’ve learned the formula, just haven’t heard of this program.  I did put in my email, and I’m going to watch the video.  Excited to see what it is all about.  Is this a program you developed or is it something you promote?  Are you a member?

    • Dan Shea

      Hi Babsie!   It’s a program we developed.  Welcome to the community!

  6. Daniel

    Very helpful but also very real and true article. Making money online is one awesome thing and I think that so many people want to achieve it but without proper education, it is useless. When I was starting I had a big problem with writing content but now, one year later I mastered it and I enjoy making articles, it is very funny.

  7. Melissa

    Hi, sounds interesting. Many scammers don’t take into account that people are getting more savvy and understand the internet money formula. They seem to completely miss that you need strategies to get people to find your site, and then subscribe. 

    It takes a lot of work to drive traffic to a site. Thanks I’ll check out your link for more info on social media, I need to improve my skills in this area.

    • Dan Shea

      Hey Melissa.  Completely agree.   Glad you found value!

  8. Todd McKeever

    Of course I love the topic, having people in this community of WA is stocked with the audience on this topic. How beneficial do you think it would be to actually walk a specific case all the way through? Would that help me, the reader to take what you are saying from theory to practical application?

    • Dan Shea

      Hey Todd,  that is a great idea.  I’ll incorporate that in a future post.

  9. Dale

    We are always going to need traffic.  No matter what else may change that is one thing that just cant change.  We need eyeballs looking at our content

    I dont think anyone is ever going to say that making money online is easy.  Well not anyone who is reputable anyways.

    Then we throw Social Media in there and as long as we learn to use everything properly at the end of the day we should have a fully functioning business that is paying the bills and more.

    Thank you for a great article


    • Dan Shea

      Glad you found value dale!

  10. Jessica Lauren Vine

    Making money online can be a challenge but when you look at how it works and why it works, it isn’t so much of a mystery anymore. Also, in regards to the first of your post, we often learn things we don’t appreciate but thankfully they serve us later in life. 🙂

  11. victor lavaza

    This is great content Dan Shea. I couldn’t agree more that everything in life has a structure, in a graduated hierarchy. I can relate to the fact that when one is starting out online business it’s just a nightmare, at least for most people. I particularly suffered information overload for months in my first months starting out online.

    Many thanks for your insights. I will look out for your posts on social media strategies, as I’d like bolster my traffic volumes.

    Best regards

  12. Stella

    Hi Dan,

    I really enjoyed reading this post…Hierarchical structures, patterns and formulas!  On my affiliate marketing journey I realised what was missing was a website building structure and also email list building strategy.

    I also needed to write geared towards my audience so that traffic would grow.  So far as long as one keeps their audience in mind when creating content and generating traffic, success will surely follow. Yes, some investment is necessary, but there are gems in the internet marketing world that are cost effective.

    I believe ;yours is one of them.

    Thank you for sharing!

    • Dan Shea

      Glad you enjoyed and found value stella!

  13. Hollie Rose

    Great read on how to make money online. My site is not yet making regular money but I’m happy I’m not one of the 95% who never make anything, because I have made a few pennies here and there:) I’m still trying to post regularly and to get my site visits up. So far so good but it’s taking time! I am definitely going to check out your post on how to get 60 visits in the first few minutes! 

    • Dan Shea

      Thank you Hollie!


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