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Lessons learned in building my email subscriber list

So you are close to being caught up to present day in our journey in internet marketing. We have our pages setup and ready for people to download, but nothing was happening. No one knew it existed outside a couple of our closest friends.  How do we build our subscriber list?

Time to start getting eyeballs

In my research getting eyeballs boiled down to two main ways, both of which require trial and error. One key with eyeballs is getting the right eyeballs on the content. In this case we are targeting people looking to get into Internet Marketing.


Solo Ads seemed like a good place to start. We ordered our first hundred clicks @ .3/click to see what would happen. The lesson learned is to make sure you order solo ad clicks and not mixed clicks. We actually ordered mixed clicks and here’s what happened:

100 clicks ordered

110 clicks delivered

82 opt-in (5 emails were undeliverable, 8 unsubscribed)

Out of the remaining 70 none of them confirmed the opt-in.

Tweak we are making is to put up a video on the confirmation page to increase double opt-in conversion and order clicks from another solo ad provider that does true solo ad clicks. Price will be .50/click for 100 clicks. While getting a couple of initial sales would be nice the current focus is maximizing our opt-in conversion first. In the process of maximizing our conversion we are starting to build a list. Ironically, we currently have more subscribers from our free methods than paid methods.


As I joined a bunch of Facebook groups about making money online, I started to post these in each of the groups:

My plan was to post once a day in about 50-60 groups. I actually started to get some clicks and people opting in and confirming their opt-in. By the second day I had 11 people opt-in and 4-5 confirm their opt-in. Then I ended up in FaceBook jail for “spamming” turns out that they consider this spamming even though its different groups. I suspect that they want to ensure people buy FB ads, which we will end up doing as I confirmed that this gets some results with the right eyeballs. Since this was my first offense they prevented me from posting on FB groups until today (3-4 day suspension) If I repeat this behavior the next suspension will be longer until eventually they take away my account.

I’m not upset, it was awesome to get some organic subscribers. One of the next tasks is to come up with a scalable way to generate subscribers. I shifted gears to Twitter and starting to get some early results.

Here’s summary from last month:

Here’s the results from this month implementing some new things:

You are probably thinking exactly what I thought at this point: how does this drive traffic?

I’ll cover more in a later post, however to give you a high level picture. If you notice that 2,800 people went to my profile this month. When they view my profile they look at 3 things when deciding if they want to follow me:

1. Header

2. Bio

3. Tweet to the right of the bio.

If you go to my profile you will see:

Having my lead magnet as a pinned tweet will generate traffic to the opt-in page assuming that you are driving the right people to look at your profile (which I am doing). I will show you how this is done in a later post.

The recipe is simple. First generate targeted traffic to your profile, clicks will come, and subscribers come from there.

It takes time to build, however I have started to pick up some people opting in as you can see here from Aweber:

These results are not huge, however it is a starting point. The results will compound from consistent effort and grow exponentially. The key is to not give up.

OK now you are caught up to present day and Barry and I are actively working on launching our Cryptocurrency course and are close to having it “go live”

Have the most of the graphics done and here are a couple of them:

In the next post I’ll go over our plan on taking our cryptocurrency product to market and some lessons we will learn during this product launch.

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  1. GabrielGrey

    Hello, I hope you are doing great!

    This was an awesome article, and I learned a lot that I think is going to help me in the near future.

    I too got put in FB jail this week due to ‘spamming’ groups, pretty lame since it was only posted in 3 groups, I think I just posted them too quick, who knows haha.

    I am going to use some of this info and create some ad campaigns tomorrow,

    Take care,

    • Dan Shea

      Thank you.  Let me know how you campaigns go.  Would love to hear the results.

  2. John

    Great article on the lessons learned on building your subscriber list, I particularly like how you have actually shown your results as you tried these things out!

    Solo Ads certainly are hit and miss aren’t they?

    I’ve been experimenting with them for a while myself, and while I have added quite a lot to my list, the actual quality of person added is not that high!

    I prefer your idea of adding a lead magnet to your social profiles as you will get a much more qualified lead!

    Interested in your cryptocurrency course as well, I have been hearing a lot about this lately!

    Interesting read, thanks 🙂

    • Dan Shea

      Thank you.    Yes Solo Ads are hit and miss.  You really have to treat them differently.  I would recommend emailing the ones who opt-in daily so that way you are top of their mind.  

      On the cryptocurrency course we should be going live with it by this friday 1/5.  We are putting the finishing touches on things.  Follow me on twitter @thedanshea as i will be announcing it their as well as on periscope.

  3. Jack Taylor

    I’ve been struggling to get subscribers and found your article very informative. Building an email list is very challenging. I do have a question for you. Where resource do you use to find free ebooks to give away? A little bait is good to catch a subscriber. Thanks for a great article.


    • Dan Shea

      Hi Jack,

      Sorry to hear about your struggle.  It is not uncommon.  There are a lot of source to get ebooks, however the problem is a lot of people are using those methods so you end up seeming like everyone else.  The best way to stand out is to find something of value and create a free ebook on that topic.   If you already have a product you are looking to sell make an teaser ebook out of that product so the readers want to know more.  

      As far as finding content to add value Barry just posted a blog on Wealthy Affiliate on that very topic and would recommend checking it out here: How do i add value

      Also you can check out our ebook on 21 internet marketing hacks for a real life example.  This is geared for the beginner to internet marketing.  Click here

  4. Hollie Rose

    Great article! Seeing results like that is truly inspiring! I’m on facebook but all I really do is post links to my articles with a striking image of course. However, I have never gotten into the groups thing. How does it work exactly? And about how many groups can you post in without being considered spam? Thanks for your help!

    • Dan Shea

      Hi Hollie,  Posting is a great start.  I heard this quote from Garyvee a while back.  Content is King, but engagement is the Queen and she rules all.

      Facebook doesn’t like you posting links that take people outside of FB so first tip is to do the post and post the link in the comments.  Next tip is the biggest.  Join a couple of groups and become active and add value in those groups.  Once people in the group get to know you make friend requests to expand your social network.

      I don’t know the exact number but i’ve seen affiliates that limit their posts to 10 different groups and are fine, however a risk you run is some bad sport in the group marking one of your posts as spam and you go on the FB’s jail radar.  Once warnings/security checks start coming in before you are posting or requesting friends that is your first sign that you are on the radar/chopping block.

      If you end up in FB jail it’s only a couple of days, but would strongly recommend against repeating the behavior that landed you in the slammer.  This will result in a longer suspension and ultimately your account taken away from you.

      Hope this helps.

      How is your engagement from your posts?  Are people liking them, commenting?   The more people engaging the more visibility your posts receive.


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