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Internet Marketers – Remember we are human!

I know it’s been a couple days since my last post. As I mentioned earlier Barry and I are heads down in getting our cryptocurrency course launched. It will be coming soon, however, I experienced something interesting in the last couple of days that is a big problem on the internet with internet marketers.

The problem

People that go into internet marketing and really struggle with building an engaged audience. They are posting everywhere and they do a lot of posting. No one seems to pay attention. They do a tremendous amount of work to get their product ready and have their sales pages up and no one is visiting their sales pages. They also start building a subscriber list and while they are getting subscribers their emails aren’t being opened. Sound familiar?

If it does sound familiar and you are getting discouraged what I’m about to share with you is very powerful and will help you turn the corner.

A little background

Allow me to give you a little background so what I’m about to share with you makes sense or gives you a sense that I may know what I’m talking about. For the last couple of months I have been an active student and consuming a lot of information from various sources.

Barry has also spent a decent amount of money on trainings, guides, courses, just about everything you can imagine on the topic of internet marketing and how to make money online. Barry is not alone in fact a lot of people are like Barry. The information while it sounds good when you skim it, very few people that purchase the information study it and take action on the information. It collects digital dust. In most cases what people are buying is the catchy title and the presentation of information. This style of making money works for a lot of people and they are making a huge amount of cash. People that follow them learn the pattern to their success and they replicate and start experience success. I’m not faulting them, however the cycle of making money on products that collects digital dust has to end.

The other group simply takes a product where the information is dated and puts it up for sale. I know this firsthand as I was reviewing one of the social media influence course Barry purchased last month and it mentioned tips for MySpace. The 90s called and they want these tips back. Really MySpace! I can’t even remember who is in my top 8 outside of Tom.

95% of people in internet marketing fail to make even $1 online. This is something that Barry and I will change. Notice the choice in words. Not strive for or our goal is, rather we WILL change this. How can two people make such an impact? Well you don’t know Barry and I well yet. Hopefully you will get to know us soon.

The Tip

You are probably wondering one of two things

1. Where the hell are you going with this?

2. What are teeing up to sell me?

Well most of you are probably in category number one, unless you are like Barry and are on every buyer’s list known to man and looking for an excuse to buy a shiny new digital dust collector. To answer the second question I’m only selling you one thing and it doesn’t cost you anything. Read this article and take action on our tip. You will find that this is alone will make a tremendous difference in results but also make things more fun.

Now to answer the first question and thank you for tolerating me. 🙂 Here it is.

Be Human!
hmm. That’s it? Yes that is it. I will continue on with an explanation, but since you were gracious enough to read this far I wanted to sum it up for you. Would you like me to explain? Continue Reading

The explanation

Everyone has a desire to connect with others. This is why social media with it’s core is so popular. Remember this mantra: Be interested to be interesting. Now going back to the problem I mentioned above people blasting out their stuff on social media. Who cares? Does that engage people or connect with them? If you answer is anything other than No please stop reading and visit your local psychiatric ward.

Let’s use Facebook as an example. If you want to build a following that cares about or has an interest in your niche then start expanding your social network with people that are in that niche.

Take these 7 steps

1. Join a group on Facebook.

2. Participate in the group (make a discussion post on a topic that is interesting)

3. Make comments and reply to other posts.

4. Friend Request people in the group that you are engaging in discussions with

5. Message them privately and strike up a conversation about them

6. Do not promote anything in this private conversation (even if they ask what do you do)

7. Find a way to add value to them- help them solve a problem, etc

Last week I decided to turn my Facebook solely into an internet marketing channel. I had almost 1,000 friends that he built up over the years, however very few of them are interested in internet marketing. What did I do? Unfriended everyone except 2 close friends, my wife and Barry.

Next I selectively joined 3-4 groups on internet marketing and is following the above 7 steps.

In 7 days while I’ve only added 70 or so FB friends in internet marketing I have met some really cool people and am learning a lot from them. I have also cultivated relationships with some people that are well-known in the internet marketing space and they want us to join their product launches later this year. All this in less than a week from a crazy idea with the focus of connecting with people to add value.

I know that I am a little unique and Barry says I have a certain way with people. I tend to be insane. I got so carried away that he stayed up all night chatting with people on Facebook and then we straight to our office to start work. One thing you need is drive (which I’ll dive into in a future post.

The purpose of this is not to brag about me or my results but to illustrate the point that you need to focus on connecting with people and adding value instead of being a megaphone for a product or your brand.

If you aren’t getting the results you are looking for or any results, simply ask yourself “how am I adding value to others?” You may not like the answer or have an answer with all. If you don’t have a crystal clear answer on how you are adding value to others shift then stop tweak things until you are clear and it is clear on how you are adding value.

The internet is way to crowded with faceless self-promoters.

Be human and focus on adding value.

What are you doing to add value to others?

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  1. Vince M

    I really loved this post Dan. I found it so useful and will be engaging in more FB groups related in my niche.

    I too have a large audience of friend who barley a few of them are likely interested in my niche sites.

    Look forward to reading more of your content.

    • Dan Shea

      Hey Vince,
      Glad you found it useful. You will find it very rewarding and beneficial when you start expanding your social network. I tend to post at least a couple times a week.

  2. sarah abraham

    Wow, what a great article about online marketing and i love the way you have mentioned it in a simplistic way. I am new to this market and this article is what is was looking for. Thanks for sharing this with us and I will forward it to others as well. Great work…

    • Dan Shea

      Hi Sarah,

      Welcome to internet marketing! Glad you found this meaningful. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Brendan D

    These are some create recommendations to build a solid audience! Personally, I have not been incorporating Facebook into my website just yet, but once I get my other social media platforms to a good level, I will definitely give some of these tips a try. Thanks man!

    • Dan Shea

      Entirely my pleasure Brendan. Remember it doesn’t happen over night. Consistent effort will yield huge results.

  4. Michel

    Really interesting post Dan and one I can very much relate to, especially with all the ebooks that I have bought in the past that are gathering cyber dust as we speak.

    That was a brave move you made there by unfriending all your friends on FaceBook. I am sure they weren’t charmed not to be able to see into your life anymore. But you definitely sound like you have the gift of the gab so I am definitely going to look at joining your group.

    I never use Facebook itself to promote on, only my Facebook group on internet marketing. 

    • Dan Shea

      Thanks Michel!

  5. cass

    Hi Dan, Thank you for interesting and humorous article. I have to say that I am glad I am not the only one who becomes frustrated with peoples self promoting ramblings in social media platforms. I really don’t care what they had for breakfast. I have not been in online marketing very long and enjoy posts like yours that provide relevant information that supports progress. Connecting and adding value to others is my primary focus, and I feel that you connected with your audience (me) very well. I will be taking your advice and applying it to my own online business. Would you recommend setting up a business face book page separate from my personal one? I use my personal one to connect with family.

    Thanks again for a great article. Cass

    • Dan Shea

      Hi Cass,  You could set up a separate page as well.  For me i don’t really rely on FB much to connect with family as i talk and text them alot anyway.  I didn’t want to separate 2 separate accounts to manage.

  6. DerrAd

    That’s a very useful information. I was once approached by an online friend who presented an offer to me to drive more traffic to my site using social media especially facebook but I turned it down. I guessed I’m too busy with other commitments so wouldn’t get enough time to implement all these strategies but your article has gotten my attention. 

    I have to take a second look at it and see how it goes. 

  7. Barry

    Wow! You never seize to amaze me. I enjoyed reading through this post and I have learnt alot. Every day I see people Marketing shinny objects. These products will end up with digital dust. You’re so correct. I found that everyone has lost trust for everyone. It is better to focus on adding value to the lives of those reading our Contents first and every other thing will follow.

    • Dan Shea

      Glad you found value Barry!

  8. Dale

    The funny thing is that I to have been considering turning my personal Facebook into my marketing Facebook and then stepping on the gas to learn everything about Facebook and other social media.

    I guess its about what are my priorities.  I do have a Facebook group with almost 1500 members on one of my niches.  Maybe thats the route I should take?

    This was a great article and I had fun reading it.


    • Dan Shea

      Yes Facebook groups is definitely a great way to go especially if you have a group with 1500 members.  Just make sure your posts in the group stand out from the rest!

  9. jessie palaypay

    This was one of my first mistakes when I rejoined Facebook. I would talk about my internet marketing website but no one would listen, which made sense looking back on it.

    As far as joining Facebook groups, do look for the really active ones? I’ve been on ones that post very little or they don’t post at all sometimes.

    • Dan Shea

      I look for ones that have engagement on top of just posts.  Some groups have a lot of posts but no one is liking or commenting which means that people are just posting and no one is really looking at them.  Why post in a place where no one is going to see it.

  10. Darrin R

    I found this to be very helpful. I have created a business page with Facebook for my website, but I have not looked into joining in group’s and chatting with other’s. I think this will help both educate and engage with other’s within the Niche.

    I have tried Twitter to post my article’s on, but I have not found it very useful at all. I have never used twitter before that and I’m just not a fan of how Twitter work’s in general so I have recently stopped using Twitter.

    Do you think that Twitter can be helpful as far as generating engagement?

    Thank you for your useful information!

    • Dan Shea

      Originally i had the same viewpoint on twitter as you did, however once i saw that growing a targeting following can make a huge impact i changed my view.   It’s not my primary focus but it is worthwhile and does bring a decent amount of traffic for me and subscribers.


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