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Take it live – 5 tips for your most successful Facebook Live presentation ever.

Video is and will remain one of the most powerful ways to connect with people.  If you don’t believe me try to imagine life before YouTube.  You can spend your precious mental energy doing this or you can simply trust me that it is a difficult task.  While video is a powerful medium, live streaming is exponentially more captivating.   Years ago, you had to be a professional broadcaster or have expensive equipment to accomplish a live broadcast.  Thanks to Facebook all you need is your phone.

If you are trying to enter the world of Internet Marketing, doing Facebook lives should definitely be part of your routine.  If you already are an experienced YouTuber or have a lot of experience in producing video content this post won’t cover anything earthshattering or groundbreaking, so I won’t be offended if you move on.  You would probably find more value in my Installing Instagram article.  If you have little to no experience with producing video content this post is for you.   Please allow me to present 5 Facebook live ideas to ensure a stellar presentation.

Idea 1  Video Quality

This idea is not solely about spending thousands of dollars to deliver a crystal-clear image.  While this maybe essential on YouTube, Facebook Live is a different animal.   Most people doing Facebook lives are doing them from their phones.  The good news is that many phones today have a decent quality camera.  If your phone is older, I would recommend upgrading to something that will have a decent quality.  You don’t need to go get the newest iPhone.  An iPhone 6 or even 5 is fine.  Any Samsung galaxy in recent years will also have a solid camera as well.

That’s enough about video quality let’s move on to something that will make a huge different:


Make sure that the room you are recording in has a lot of light.  The more light used will make the video look more clear and crisp.  You can spend a little cash to purchase a light box or you can use natural light.  It well worth the small investment in 1-3 portable lights to ensure illumination versus dark and grainy videos.  Think about it.  Do you want to appear dark or illuminated?

Idea 2  Sound

Have you ever watched a video online where the audio was just a split second off from the video?  This drives me nuts.  I’m bringing this up to illustrate that sound is a critical component to any video, live or recorded.  Make sure your recording device clearly records your voice.  If not, you can consider using a lapel mic.  Also, consider the acoustics of the room you record in as this can have a big impact on the overall sound quality.  Background noise can make or break your Facebook live as well.  If people can’t understand or hear what you are saying, they will lose interest and move on.

Idea 3 Image and Presentation

In addition to demonstrating intelligence and charisma you need to dress appropriately.  You attire needs to match the occasion.  I’m not saying you need to wear a Tuxedo, but what you are wearing needs to just right.  You don’t want to look like you are overdressed as that will make you look desperate, but at the same time you don’t want to look underdressed.  Barry says your look needs to be “effortlessly smart’.

Idea 4 Cool Hand Luke

Unless you want to give your audience a migraine or motion sickness, keep your recording device still.  If you are using a camera this is easy, however if you are using your phone this is easier said than done.  When Barry and I started making YouTube videos my wife almost threw up after watching it.  I thought it was because our content needed improvement, but you should have seen how much it was shaking.  In the following videos, not matter how still I tried to be there was always shaking.  Again, my lovely wife came to the rescue with a tripod for my phone.  Who would have thought that these existed!  Since using the tripod, our video quality has significantly increased.  You can get a decent one for $20-$30.

Idea 5 The Setting

Once you have the other three ideas in place, its time to focus on where you want to record.  Where you film will make a huge difference.  I would recommend staying away from having a lot of activity in the background as that could be distracting.  There was one Facebook live I was watching where this person had his overhead fan going in the background and while his content may have been stellar, I was too mesmerized by the rotation of this fan.  Granted, I’m easily distracted but I think you get the point.

If you are going to record from the comfort of your home avoid filming in any room that looks like a warzone.  For example, if your bookshelf is in the background take a couple minutes to organize it.  If cleaning is not your thing you can always go to Amazon and pick up a lovely portable backdrop.  This is exactly what my wife did for me.  She got it for Barry and I as a gift because she’s awesome, however I think she got tired of seeing the messy bookshelf in the background.

So there you have the 4 Facebook live ideas to ensure a stellar presentation.  Some of you reading this are going to use these ideas as a reason to wait on doing Facebook lives.  Please don’t be one of these people.  It is much better to start doing lives and improve as you go then waiting until everything is perfect before doing your first live.

In my next post I’m going to cover 4 top tips for creating better live content.

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  1. Eddie


    Great article! The right lighting has always been my biggest challenge. And, I think you nailed it by mentioning the backdrop. That has also been a major hurdle for me. Now that you mention it I probably will get me a portable backdrop. That is going on my wish list. Thanks.



  2. Melissa L

    Dan, thanks for your article. This has been full of really practical tips for me. As someone relatively new to video, I have found it difficult to say the least. I will definitely try with a tripod as I don’t want my viewers throwing up!! I am seeing more and more that video is important so I’ll take your advice and not wait till I have the tripod, and I’ll keep going.

    • Dan Shea

      Glad you found value. Absolutely keep on going!

  3. Frank Movies

    Facebook live is a lot more lucrative than people may think. Great post you definitely gave me some insight that I never even thought of.

    • Dan Shea

      entirely my pleasure Frank!

  4. Vince Ma

    If you don’t video, you don’t grow.
    I’ve been getting in front of the camera more than ever this year and the traffic sure shows it.

    I was a nervous wreck on my first video but have gotten better with every take. You need to learn by doing (and failing).

    Sound and lighting is so important. But if you can make the investment for some good tools, you will make videos extraordinary.

    Great post Dan. Everyone just need to start doing it and learning Video Now.

    • Dan Shea

      thanks Vince!

  5. Ingrid Felfly

    I really love the article thank you! The phone shaking while taking a video is something I’m going through with my videos on youtube now :’) Thank you for the tripod idea, I sure will get it!!! Best of luck!

    • Dan Shea

      glad this helped!

  6. Andrew G

    Cool post as I think you have captured the essence of the key points you have mentioned in this post. Yes, I realize that I cannot shoot a great video the way the camera always shakes, like when I am trying to shoot one of my daughter’s events that she does. This is a sharp web site with a zeal for the catchy theme for people’s hard earned money potentially paying off. 

    • Dan Shea

      Glad you found value Andrew!

  7. stefan

    Thanks a lot for these instructions for making a good video approach on Facebook or YouTube.

    I did some videos in the past but was never really satisfied with the results. I’m glad to have these guidelines I can easily follow wen I try my nest project.

    The tripod I have already purchased, the shaking videos are really very unprofessional I learned that very fast. Now I have to look into the first two points you mention.

  8. Gustavo

    Many excellent tips. I would probably add that having a loose script of some kind (or outline) is very helpful to keep on track.  Maybe even give it a small rehearse (though I suppose that takes away on the live part)!On your sound and lighting, do you have any recommendations?  What equipment do you use?Thanks for a great post. 

    • Dan Shea

      Thanks Gustavo.   We use a lighting kit that we bought on Amazon and a headset for sound.


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