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Top 10 social media traffic tips

Late last night I had a conversation with my long-time friend Dave. He is intelligent and if asked he can explain what the word social means as well as what the word media means, however when asked to define both of the words put together he starts to sweat. He was struggling to figure out how to leverage social media for his business and he is not alone. To help Dave and others like him please allow me to present the Top 10 Social Media Traffic Tips:

Tip 1 You need to know what to post

While this tip may seem obvious it is worth mentioning. You could nail all the other tips dead on, however if you fail to post engaging content your followers (if they choose to still follow you) will simply be a list of people that don’t pay attention to you. You need to have a strategy for content development and management.

What is relevant completely depends on your audience. I’m going to assume that you know your target audience at this point, however if you don’t please do me a favor. Before attempting to implement any of these tips or other traffic generation strategies, please do yourself a favor and figure out who you target audience is.

Your target audience will not only dictate which platform to focus on your efforts on, but also how you share your content. For example, I don’t know many teenagers that will jump at the chance to read a 2,000-word post or a professional that will willingly invest time to watch a five-minute video. The two factors you need to know up front is how much time your target audience is willing to provide and the format they want the content delivered in. Once you have those pieces you can then create your content accordingly.

Tip 2 Make your content interactive

Mari smith says it best “Content is King, but engagement is Queen, and she rules the house.” There are a lot of variables that go into your engagement rate, however it doesn’t hurt to make it easier on your audience to interact with your content. Instead of viewing your feed as a one way billboard, consider mixing it up with Polls, contents, surveys, quizzes, or even asking for feedback will start to open up the communication floodgates. When I give this advice to people, a common scenario is they come back to me and let me know it’s not working. Their post only received a few replies or in some cases crickets. It takes time to build up engagement.

Let’s take a look at Gary Vaynerchuk for a moment. For the first year no one watched his YouTube videos. Now his channel has over 1M subscribers. I’m not saying it’s going to take a year to get traction, however if you aren’t prepared to take consistent action for a year perhaps your “Why” isn’t strong enough. If you need a deeper explanation of this see Barry’s post on what is your why

To put it concisely, Social media is most effective when there is real time two-way communication. This is one of the reasons that has fueled Facebook and Twitter’s popularity. Real time varies greatly between social media platforms. Rebecca Coleman (@Rebecca Coleman) did a solid post on the life span of a social media post. If you have an active interest in social media marketing, I recommend checking out her blog. Her headlines and writing style are never boring.

One common mistake people make with this tip is trying to share content with the goal of getting comments. While that may make you feel warm and fuzzy it does absolutely nothing for your online business. To put this in military terms. Your primary objective is to get the reader to check out the website. Your secondary objective is to share some helpful or meaningful information. Traffic will only be generated when both objectives are met.

Tip 3 Know where and when to post

By this point, you should have some solid ideas on what to post. Now it’s a matter of knowing when and where to post. There are specific time windows when your audience hops on social media to check what’s going on.

For example, if your audience is working professionals they probably won’t be checking posts in the middle of their company meeting or while they are trying to close out the day at the office. Stay at home parents will most likely be offline when they are in the middle of cooking dinner, lunch or breakfast.

Every social media platform has different higher volume and lower volume windows even for the same audiences. One example is stay at home parents may actually be on pinterest while they are cooking as this platform is very popular for looking up recipes. Do research on when your audience is active and which platforms they are active on. Once you spot the trends, simply share your content during these windows so your content has much higher visibility with your audience.

Tip 4 Recycle your content

Despite posting your content during the high volume windows, you can still experience crickets.

Dan, How can this be?

Well I’m glad you asked. You are not the only person trying to get your content in front of your target audience. You competition will also do their research and post the same time you are. There is a simple method of counteracting this: Re post your content.

Simply re posting the same post is exactly what you DON’T want to do. If you want your audience to view you as a spammer, then by all means do this. If you want to avoid the title of spammer then add a new fact or change your headline to call attention to something different from the post when you share it. This will keep it relevant and interesting versus being labeled as self-promoting spam.

Tip 5 Use an influencer or become one

Becoming an influencer takes time, so while you are on the path to becoming an influencer start associating with influencers in your niche on the various social media platforms. I go into more detail on my post Define Influencer marketing and how to use it successfully.

Tip 6 Trend your content- or at least try

Hash tags is the easiest method as it will attract people who are searching for that hash tag to check out your content. You can always hop on the trending bandwagon as those topics always have a large reach and could result in a traffic spike if you content is relevant to that trending topic.

Tip 7 Build your Brand always

Your social media brand takes time to build and only moments to destroy. Always ensure you are sharing quality content consistently. Once your audience has grown accustom to trusting your content it only takes a couple pieces of sub par content to violate that trust and have your audience focus elsewhere. Once the trust is broken it is exponentially harder to regain their trust. The positive side of this is once you have built trust you will have more people willing to check out your content and click on your links.

Tip 8 Killer Deal promotion

Sharing a killer deal is an awesome way to generate significant traffic. When you decide to engage in a promotion or a killer deal you need to drive it hard. Well you don’t have to drive it hard if you don’t want a surge in traffic.

If you want people to trust your offers, make sure you are representing the reality and not simply putting lipstick on a pig. It’s important to gain trust, but it is essential for long term success to maintain trust with your buyers. If you aren’t representing the reality your buyers will find out as they will be buying what you are promoting.

Tip 9 Leverage Automation

You need to live life, not life your live after you are done posting. Leverage awesome tools that exist to level up your time. Automate your posts, leverage analytics, and tools to track the traffic you generate. This will free up your time to engage and respond to your audience. Using these type of automation tools does not require an enormous budget. In fact, some tools are free or have a free version.

Tip 10 Combine methods

Different strokes for different folks. You can have the same exact message shared on social media that doesn’t get any traction and a PPC ad does. This is why it is important to diversify your efforts across multiple avenues to achieve optimal results. Strongly consider using all the following together:

Email marketing, search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, with social media marketing.

So there you have the top 10 social media traffic tips. Hopefully this will help you become a social media czar!
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  1. Keith Gravlee

    I just wrote this whopping nearly 4000 word article, but I’m worried about engagement. Who wants to read an article that large? Not me! When you quoted Content is King but engagement is Queen, my article was the first thing that popped into my head.

    To top it off, I have this table of content plugin that is intended to make it easier for them to jump to the place they want to read about, but with this 4000 word article the table of content is HUGE and may be intimidating. My question (finally) is: Should I have a table of content on this article or not in your opinion?

    • Dan Shea

      You could do a table of contents or you could break it up into a series of smaller posts.

  2. Keith Hightower

    Very helpful article, and laid out very clearly. Social media is something I struggle with, I’m sorry to say. I’m not clear on what automating your posts means, though. What tools are available for that?

  3. Peter Bergin

    Everyone wants Social media but not everyone knows how to get it. With the help of your blog, we are all a bit closer to getting where we want to be. I think many people underestimate how much work it takes to become well known in your industry. Some people have been there for years putting out content every single day.

    It would be foolish to expect huge results so soon. There will never be a better time to try than now though with so many people on social media. I will use these tips and tricks to boost my following thank you!

  4. Vince Ma

    Great post Dan. I’ve trying to master this and I get what you mean by adding engagement.
    i currently only have a small audience and trying to grow it but I know who my audience is now, do you think the audience dynamics will change as it gets larger?

    I like the idea of automation if this saves time on social and gives me more time making engaging content.

    • Dan Shea

      The dynamics will definitely change, however you will always have your core original following.

  5. Luna1234

    Your tips are realistic. It is important that you choose your topics well if you want to get traffic or rank on Google. I like what you said about recycling your post. That is a good suggestion. It is sometimes challenging to find new topics but it is easy to rewrite your own post. I enjoyed the post.
    Good Read.


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