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Top 7 Product Launch Ideas to ensure a successful launch

You are reading this for one of two reasons. You’ve finally taken the plunge and developed your own product, or you are thinking about developing your own product. Launching your own product is one of the best ways to establish authority in your niche as it establishes credibility. A lot of people are excited as launching a product has potential to deliver a massive amount of sales in a short period of time. On the other side of the coin, launching a product has the potential to deliver huge frustration and disappointment. There is nothing more upsetting than launching a product only to find that no one is interested in it. You may be wondering how will you ensure your product launch is a success, so please allow me to present the top 7 product launch ideas to ensure a successful launch:

Idea # 1 Ask your audience

For this idea to work you need to already have an actual audience. Your friends and family do not count. Whether it’s a mailing list or another social media channel is irrelevant. What is relevant is to ask your audience what they would like to see? This accomplishes two things. The first is that it ensures you are developing a product that already has demand. The second is your audience will feel invested and will want to see the product they suggested become a success. They will be more likely to not only purchase your product, but also spread the word.

Idea # 2 Run a Beta Test

Getting feedback is a critical component to developing any product. Generating excitement around your product is also another critical component. This idea accomplishes both. Consider opening the production phase of your product to a select few to get solid feedback on your product. As people are reviewing your product and providing feedback they will become excited and start talking about it to others.

Idea # 3 Leverage a Press Release

The media is alive and well. They have an insatiable desire to cover topics that their viewers will find interesting. While getting media coverage for a product maybe difficult, getting coverage for a launch that has an interesting story behind the creation of the product or the content of your product is a different story (pun intended).

Idea # 4 Bonus-ville

Why do you think people love bonuses? For the same reason that they like buy one get one free items. The more value that is perceived, the more compelling the offer becomes. Add as many extra pieces to your launch offer as you can think of. This could be a report, video, or even a mind map. Having additional fast action bonuses listed will greatly improve your conversion.

Idea # 5 Differentiate your product

Your product is not the only product that will be covering that topic. It needs to stand out. Once you have a clear idea on how your product is different then it will be much easier to communicate this to your audience. If your product is covering a relevant hot topic that have had a lot of products launched recently you know some viewing your sales page are thinking “not another product on (topic)”

For example, Barry and I are about to launch a cryptocurrency product and one of the first things we cover on our sales page is “oh my gosh, not another cryptocurrency product!” Making a statement like this builds credibility that we are aware of how many products have been recently launched which leads them down the path to trust the rest of our message. We then highlight right away how our product is different.

Bottom line, if people think your product is just like a bunch of other products before, then you better have some killer bonuses or go back to the drawing board and start working on another product entirely.

Idea # 6 Build an Affiliate Army

You are only person and while you make have the ability to announce your launch to hundreds or a couple a thousand, affiliates can reach tens of thousands. They are actively building up their lists and building relationships members on their list. If you want to gain traction with affiliates you need to treat them as your customers. You need to make it easy for them to work with you. This includes offering a decent commission, free marketing materials, as well as bonuses they can offer to their list. You may want to consider running a contest with a cash incentive for the affiliates with the most sales.

Idea # 7 The final countdown

Some people mock the use of a timer; however, it is a great way to build excitement. A count down timer draws people in. Every year people celebrate counting down the old year and starting a new year. I do disagree with using a count down timer for a sense of urgency on a sales page. I do laugh as I think to myself what is going to happen to the product when the timer hits 0. It is going to explode or self-destruct? A count down timer on a launch page is a different story. This gives people something tangible to fuel their excitement for your launch.

So there you have the top 7 product launch Ideas to ensure a successful launch.

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  1. Tom Priesmeyer

    Excellent article on product launch ideas to ensure a successful launch. I intend to offer my own products on my websites down the road, and I will bookmark this blog to help me when that day arrives. Many thanks, Tom

    • Dan Shea

      awesome Tom!

  2. Dom Sweat

    Hey Dan,

    There’s a lot of valuable information here for a successful online launch. I think utilizing all of the Social Media at our disposal is especially important and can be a great way of getting additional exposure.

    Countdowns have been proven to be valuable as well, as you mentioned.

    Thanks for sharing all this great information, there’s something here for everyone to benefit from when it comes to launching successfully!

    • Dan Shea

      Entirely my pleasure Dom!

  3. Vince Ma

    Great post Dan. Another leaning post for me. You give away so much valuable knowledge that I’m grateful for.
    My fav’s on the list is building an affiliate army and the timer.
    How big of audience do you need before you can attempt something like this?

    • Dan Shea

      You can really start attempting this at any time, however if you are just starting out idea #1 wont really apply. If you don’t have a list you can hyper focus on building up an affiliate army, just make sure you offer an extremely high commission (80-90%) in exchange for them giving you a shot. Have you joined our community? If you are enjoying and learning from my posts you’ll love the weekly tips I share in your inbox : http://bit.ly/2rvgQOf

  4. Fredery

    there is so much valuable information here. I have been trying many strategies and ways to boost my online business without any results. I will try to use all the I information that you have provided me in order to be successful online. 

    Thanks for taking the time to write this article, I am looking forward fot the next one

    • Dan Shea

      Absolutely Fredery.  Glad you found value!

  5. Marlinda Davis

    Hey there! Thanks so much for taking the time to write this detailed and in-depth guide on how to launch my own product. It’s just in time as I’ve been thinking about creating products for my current site and had no idea about how to go about doing it. Your opinion do you recommend digital product or physical product as the best thing to start with?

    Thanks for sharing, 


    • Dan Shea

      Hi Marlinda.  If you already have a product ready to go then start with that.  If you are creating one from scratch then i would recommend digital as you can sell it over and over.

  6. Hugo

    Excellent reading for those of us interested in the field of making money.  I liked the fact that the topic is well explained, from the actual meaning of making money online, to the process for doing so.  The fact that it takes effort and time to succeed is also a level setter for those who may have the idea that internet sales is a push button affair. 

    Thanks for a timely eye opener.  Very good article overall.

    • Dan Shea

      Thank you Hugo!

  7. Donnie

    Very nice blog. I found it contains a lot of information that anybody considering a launch of their own product will be able to use. A question for you. You mention that one should not ask friends and family if you have a good blog post. Is this because sometimes they will be biased and tell you it is good when it is not? I like the fact that you have it broken down to 7 informative sections. Good work and thank you.

    • Dan Shea

      thank you donnie!

  8. Lance

    What a great article, I have a product idea and the know how, to make the product a reality. The Launch or the sale is the part I’m nervous about, I don’t want to be making products for just me. I like the idea of asking people what they want. I really like the idea of a countdown until the launch. Good topic and thinks for the idea’s. 

  9. Maria

    You really have great ideas about the online business. Time is what sometimes make us feel totally devastated, because nothing happen in the time we expected. I bookmarked your post because I am thinking to join you… as soon as I decide you will know about me.                                                                                                                                                    Thank you for this contribution 🙂

  10. julienne murekatete

    Thank you for sharing with us this powerful article on Top 7 Products Launch Ideas.It is very important for a business owner to follow some proven ideas to grow the business.

    Those Products Launch Ideas are very helpful especially in this field of internet marketing/affiliate marketing.

    I will take into considerations those product launching ideas to make my business grow fast.

  11. John

    As an inventor who has seen success and utter failure (Not to mention losses in the six figures) I can assure all of your readers that these are words of truth!

    This article covers a few of the very basic thoughts that you must plan for and do for success whether your item is tangible or not.

    I love that you didn’t give this list like a “Step by step” plan because there really is no order. You have to do this in conjunction with your launch!

    Great article! Thank you for sharing this information!


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